Participating Institutions

The Nordic Blade Technology Network comprises 5 national academic / research partners and several associate partners within the Scandinavian and Baltic region. There are already a number of highly qualified senior and junior researchers as well as PhD-students associated with the national partners and working on projects that will be integrated in the NBTN.

The aim is for each national partner to have one or two senior researchers working part time or full time, and one or two junior researchers as well as one or two PhD-students working full time at NBTN projects.

Sponsors Network

Nordic Council of Ministers & Nordic Council
Store Strandgade 18
DK-1255 Copenhagen
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(The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education)
Box 3523, 10369 Stockholm

NFR (The Research Council of Norway)
Noregs forskingsråd
Postboks 2700, St. Hanshaugen
0131 OSLO