PhD course: archaeological perspectives on cultural analysis – Project schedule 2012-2015


Course 1. The Nordic Graduate School in Archaeology:  Dialogues with the Past. STINT and NFR financed research and educational project: Paris May 7-11th 2012

Workshop 1. Lithic analysis, Middle Mesolithic assemblages.  IAHK in Oslo, Norway and Dalarnas Museum in Falun, July 29 to august 5 2012

Workshop 2. Lithic analysis, Late Glacial and Middle Mesolithic assemblages, Tver State Museum, Tver, Russia, 16th – 22nd October 2012


Workshop 3.  Lithic analysis, Late Glacial and Middle Mesolithic assemblages,Institute of Archaeology, Tallinn and Institute of Archaeology, Riga, Estonia and Latvia, 3th –9th March 2013

Workshop 4. Experimental session, construction of classification system. Ludvigsborg, Scania, Sweden, 19 – 25 August 2013


Course 2. Archaeology and politics in northern Fennoscandia,  Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden, February 2014

Workshop 5. West meets East. Prehistoric assemblages from eastern Poland. Warszawa, Poland, May 2014

Workshop 6. West meets East, Butovo and Ahrensburgian asemblages. Tromsö, August 2014


Course 3. Approaches to cultural analysis in archaeology. Paris, May 2015