Mikkel Sørensen

Climate change and human strategy: Arctic hunter-gatherer in a long term perspective. The position include 30% teaching and 70% Research.

Research interests

  • The study of technology in archaeological science
  • Prehistoric hunter-gatherer societies
  • Climate and environmental change in Arctic regions in relation to prehistoric human mobility

Present Employment

2009-2012. Post.doc. University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Prehistoric Archaeology. Research project within the cross disciplinary research initiative: “The human factor in climate change”. Research project: Climate change and human strategy: Arctic hunter-gatherer in a long term perspective. The position include 30% teaching and 70% Research.

Major research projects

  • 2007-2009. The GeoArk Project, - Climate, Man and Environment in Northeast Greenland.Objective: to understand the cultural history in Northeastern Greenland in relation to changes in environment and climate during the Holocene. The Geo-Ark Project is an interdisciplinary project between the Humanities, represented by researchers from SILA - The National Museum of Denmark, and the Natural sciences, researchers from Institute of Geography and Geology, University of Copenhagen and the Zoological Museum, SNM, University of Copenhagen. (August 1, 2007 – May 1,2009, (full time))
  • 2006-2007. The Archaeology of Old Nuulliit: Eigil Knuth’s investigations in the Thule region, North Greenland, from 1952 – 1990. Objective: to investigate, re-interpret and publish the material and information from E.Knuths field research at Nuulliit, Thule. Project financed by the Peary Land Foundation and SILA. (October 1, 2006 – July 30, 2007, (from October – December half time, from December to July full time))
  • 2002-2006. Technology and Tradition in the Eastern Arctic 2500 BC – 1200 AD. Objective: to analyse the lithic technology in the palaeo-Eskimo traditions of the Eastern Arctic, using a dynamical technological methodology and the chaîne opératoire concept. Phd. Project, financed by SILA – the Greenland Research Centre at the National Museum of Denmark. (March 1, 2002 – November 1, 2005 (full time))


  • 2009- 2010. University of Copenhagen the Saxo-Institute, department of Archaeology .  Courses in Palaeolithic-Mesolithic Archaeology including exams.
  • 2008-2001. Regularly employed as external lecturer and teaching assistant at University of Copenhagen the Saxo-Institute, department of Archaeology and THORS, department for Eskimology. Teaching the undergraduate courses in Palaeolithic-Mesolithic and Arctic Archaeology. (September 1, 2008 – December 30, 2008 (49 hours) ** A precise specification of the previous years will be difficult as I have been teaching as “undervisningsassistent” and guest teacher with no fixed contracts. Approximately,10-15 lectures pr year)
  • 2002. Employed as guest teacher at the University of Oslo, department of Archaeology. Teaching an intensive one-week course in lithic technology and archaeological methodology.  (February 1, - March 1 (full time))

Papers (selected) presented at international conferences

  1. 2009. Climate & Ancient Societies, Copenhagen. Paper: How did the Thule Culture respond to the Little Ice Age in Northeast Greenland. 
  2. 2006. UISPP Lisbon. Papers in four sessions: “The Lithic Raw Material Choice in the Eastern Arctic, 2500 BC – 0 AD”, “Who made the Long Blade Industry: A view from the North” (in participation with PhD. F.Sternke, University of Southampton), “The arrival of pressure blade technology in Southern Scandinavia”, “Pressure Flaking in Eastern Arctic” (in participation with P.Desrosiers and D.Gendron, Montreal, Canada).
  3. 2005. MESO 2005. The Seventh International Conference on the Mesolithic in Europe, Belfast 2005. Paper: “The Identification of Children in Mesolithic Scandinavia”. In collaboration with F. Sternke. The paper won “Award for Best Paper”, out of 130 international papers.
  4. 2005. The SILA/NABO Conference: Dynamics of Northern Societies, Copenhagen. Paper: “Towards a Dynamic Understanding of Prehistoric Artefacts”.
  5. 2005. Archäologisches Gemeinschaft, Annual Meeting 2005, Copenhagen. Paper: “Chaîne Opératoire of the Maglemosian Lithics”.
  6. 2004. SAA session nr. 87. “2004 Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology (SAA), Montreal. Paper: “Burin and Burin-like: Towards a dynamical understanding of the burin technology in the paleoeskimo cultures”
  7. 2004. Seminaire-atelier Européen sur le Mésolithique Ancien, Table ronde a Amiens, France (26 November 2004). Paper: 2004 Séminaire-Atelier Eropéen sur le Mésolithique Ancien (CNRS, University Paris X et Paris I), Amiens. Paper: “Technological traditions during the Maglemosian: A study of lithic blade production in Early Mesolithic Scandinavia and north Germany” 
  8. 2002. Union International des Sceinces Pré-et Protohistoricque. The Final Palaeolithic of the great European Plain. Landscape and Humans on the European Plain, Greifswald. Paper: Nørregård IV: the first Long Blade Industry in Scandinavia?