Maria Lannerbro Norell

Maria is employed in the Dalarna Museum in Falun.

Maria is employed in the Dalarna Museum in Falun. She is, together with other colleagues, responsible for management of a large collection of Stone Age finds, most of them donated by the finders, her farther, dr. Ragnar Lannerbro, her brother Mats Lannerbro and herself. 

Maria also works with conservation of landscape and cultural heritage management.

Her project is to organize the museum material and make it available for research of different kinds. The Stone Age finds in Dalarna Museum are documented in a large archive, which now is digitalized and organized. She is also working in the landscape, finding new sites and checking preservation of the earlier finds. The project benefits from her great knowledge of the region, its raw material resources and her close contacts with amateur archaeologists in Dalarna.