Inger Marie Berg-Hansen

2002 - Magister artium in Nordic archaeology from University of Oslo

Humans, technology and communication in Pioneer settlements.

The goal of my research project is to study what technological strategies were used in the process of the pioneer settlement of the pristine Scandinavian Peninsula by the end of the Weichselian Ice Age. What character did the transmission, continuation, and management of technological knowledge have, and what role did it play in the colonization of the Scandinavian Peninsula 11,000 years ago?

By focusing on technological aspects in the artifact material that can be related to communication, I want to investigate how people managed changing living conditions. Central topics are the character, extent and duration of the communication between groups over long distances, as well as the relationship between typological form and production technique in the archaeological inventories.

The study will concentrate on projectile points as well as associated waste material from Ahrensburg-sites in Norway (with emphasis on the Brunlanes sites from Vestfold County), Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The study includes comparative analysis of such material from selected sites, based on dynamic-technological and chaîne opératoire-analysis, as well as experimental replica of projectile points.


Registrering som erfaring. En undersøkelse av metoden for steinalderregistrering i Norge med eksempel fra Lista i Vest-Agder.

Professional experience:

2008 – 2011  Deputy Head of Dep. of Heritage Management, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo
2002 – 2011 Researcher, Dep. of Heritage Management, Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo. Project leader of a large number of excavations of Cultural Heritage Monuments from different time periods, hence several Stone Age projects.

Present position

PhD student 1. January 2012 – 31. December 2015.

Member of steering committee for following projects:


Employee on many excavation projects including cultural heritage monuments from Stone Age to medieval times.
Archaeology adviser/executive officer at the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage (Riksantikvaren), Vest-Agder County and Oslo City administration (Byantikvaren).

2005-2011  Occasional lecturer, Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History, University of Oslo
2007-2012   E18- Brunlanesprosjektet, Museum of Cultural History
2010-2013   Vestfoldbaneprosjektet, Museum of Cultural History

Relevant publications:

  1. Berg-Hansen, I. M. 2009a: Steinalderregistrering. Metodologi og forskningshistorie i Norge 1900-2000, med en feltstudie fra Lista i Vest-Agder. Kulturhistorisk museum, Fornminneseksjonen, Universitetet i Oslo 2009 (ISBN 978-82-8084-048-6) ;Volum 75.197 s. Varia(75)
  2. Berg-Hansen, I. M. 1999: The Availability of Flint at Lista and Jæren, Southwestern Norway. I The Mesolithic of Central Scandinavia, redigert av J. Boaz. Universitetets Oldsaksamlings Skrifter Nr. 22, Ny rekke. Oslo. s. 255-266.