Anja Roth Niemi

Settlement organisation and lithic technology in the Middle and Late Mesolithic in northern Troms and western Finnmark

About the project

My project is concerned with studying developments in settlement organisation and lithic technology in the Middle and Late Mesolithic in north-western Fennoscandia. My aim is to illuminate the nature of interaction between different regions and how this interaction influenced local societies when concerning social, technological and spatial organisation.

My area of study encompass northern Troms and western Finnmark, but I aim to do comparative analyses with material from eastern Finnmark as well as from the interior of northern Fennoscandia.

Kviteberg from Northern Troms

My main case study is the site Kviteberg I from northern Troms. The site consists of one circular slightly depressed dwelling, dated to 8226±60 BP and an associated non-carbondated larger area with several clusters of firecracked rocks probably originating from hearths constructed during repeated visits. The site yielded a relatively large number of blades and microblades and associated cores and debris from the production hereof. The main analyses has yet to be done, but several reduction processes as well as spatial variation in lithic manufacture seem to be present at the site.

Since few technological analyses have been performed on the northern Mesolithic material in Norway, I would of course be anticipating publications from the Nordic Blade projects for comparative studies. I understand you have a book coming up next year, which I will be looking forward to.